1. I live in Oklahoma…

    And I tumbled my way through a tornado warning.  Oklahoman’s act like it’s not big thing.  I guess you just get used to it spring after spring.

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    I just sat here watching X-Files, working a puzzle, and texting Zane. hahaha
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    This is true. I was staring out the window the whole time. Take cover they said. Bitch, naw, I’ve lived here 20 years....
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    try living in oklahoma for years then going somewhere else. People here in Ohio are like NOW OK IF A TORNADO COMES WE...
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    for real. i freaked out a bit at first, tornadoes do scare me a lot. but man.. even being afraid of them, i still really...
  12. sugarkillerkane said: Shit got a little crazy here in Owasso. Glad you were so relaxed. :P
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